Namwah Mali-Ong banana

Thailand is home to many varieties of banana. The most appreciated and widely recognised as nutrient-dense is the Namwah banana. Once crafted into a delicious treat, the Namwah Mali-Ong banana is known to be tasty, mellow, sweet, and scented. It has fine and smooth texture. The core is soft and the peel is nicely thin.

Sukhothai, known as the “land of flowing water and fertile soil,” the former capital city of Thailand, and a designated World Heritage city, has been recognised as one of the best provinces for Namwah Mali-Ong banana production in Thailand.


  • We carefully select ripe Namwah Mali-Ong bananas from the best production site in Sukhothai, to get sweet and creamy deep-fried bananas.
  • We are very particular about slicing thin pieces of banana – not exceeding 1-2 mm – to get a crispy, tasty, and smooth deep-fried banana.
  • We use vegetable oil for deep frying. Since palm oil has a high boiling point, it is suitable for high-heat frying. We choose crude palm kernel oil instead of normal palm oil. Although crude palm kernel oil is more costly, it has a similar taste and smell to coconut oil and it further enhances the scent and flavour of our snacks.
  • We implement procedures to monitor and control the quality of our oil during frying. For example, TPC levels must be lower than 25% to prevent the formation of carcinogens and oil rancidity.
  • We maintain the crispy, aromatic and delicious characteristics of our snacks by adding an N2 or Oxygen Absorber into every sachet or jar, so the products can be stored for a long time and stay fresh.
  • “Anna” products are 100% natural, with no food preservatives, and are additive-free. There is no need to worry about allergens or trans fat.

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