Since our company’ goal is to craft agricultural products without using any chemicals, additives, or preservatives, our delicious products must come from good and chemical-free production sites, and the ingredients must be continuously ready to be crafted in the factory.
As a part of these efforts, we started the Contract Farming Project to encourage farmers in the community to grow Namwah bananas, guaranteeing them a fair purchase price. Currently, we have more than 20,000 trees planted by our MOU partners.

Father Man Farm

is established to be a sample farm that grows bananas in the rice field with no chemicals needed. This is to help farmers earn a stable income for better health and well-being and to persuade new generations to return and jointly develop and improve our community’s economy, in order to make our community and country a strong food production country in which farmers have better well-being.

We promise...

that through both the rough and smooth waters of life, we will join hands with our farmers and brave the journey together, that we may all be strengthened and strengthen our world.

“Let’s join and tell good stories of our hometown together.”

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