Our story is one that comes from passing on wisdom for over 30 years, from generation to generation. This is the wisdom and passion to preserve fruit by dehydrating, deep-frying, and sugar-boiling local produce to get tasty food that feels uniquely Thai. We have put great effort into making “ANNA” distinctly “Sukhothai” brands. We focus on producing products with the freshest, most high-quality ingredients Sukhothai has to offer, such as the Namwah Mali-Ong banana and Choke-Anan mango. These varieties are recognised for their high quality, crafted and cultivated with Thai wisdom. We are proud to bring this high quality and delicious taste from our small town to the global market.


Our production site is located in Ban Suan Subdistrict in Sukhothai Province, Northern Thailand, on an area of 3,200 square metres. Our site mainly crafts the Namwah banana, the Choke-Anan mango and a few other agricultural products.

We use the process of deep-frying and dehydrating along with a parabola dome and tray dryer.

There are about 40 employees working on the site, and they all live in surrounding communities.


Contact Factory

150/9 Moo 3 Ban Suan, Mueang Sukhothai District, Sukhothai 64220
Tel: +66 81 809 3398
Email : rojahrekt@charms.co.th